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The Great Valley Water Resources Science Forum (GVWRSF) and the Growing Communities on Karst  2010 (GCK) invite you to present at a poster session on Thursday, September 16, 3:30pm to 5:30pm at the National Conservation Training Center.
The event is sponsored by USGS, WV Department of Health and Human Resources (Office of Environmental Health), WV Department of Environmental Protection, and Potomac Headwaters RC&D, and brings together speakers from government and industry to discuss the latest scientific and policy information about water quality protection on environmentally sensitive lands.
GVWRSF and GCK have been holding forums and conferences for the past seven years for policy makers, developers, engineers, geologist, and land use planners. This year they have joined together and lowered registration fees to accommodate tight budgets. Where else can you attend, present, and receive up to ten professional development hours for as little as $40 (includes Wednesday field trip, registration fee, and lunch Thursday and Friday) with an audience involved in implementation of your research and findings?
Won’t you join your colleagues to discuss your research, information, or project?  The session will be held in the cordial atmosphere of NCTC’s  Roosevelt Room with hors d'oeuvres provided by Potomac Headwaters RC&D and cash bar available.
Submit your abstract today with the attached form.  Prize awarded for best poster presentation as selected by attendees.


The Growing Communities on Karst started on the GSA COLAB wik, then shared the Web 2.0 wik space with the Shenandoah Valley Science Collaborativeand now wants it’s own Web 2.0 wik space.


This Web 2.0 wik (actually a web-services platform with a wik interface is to help the Growing Communities on Karst to have and maintain its own Web 2.0 wik space.

Structure and Interface


Year Date Contact
2010 September 16-17 Twila M Carr
2009 September 14-15 Twila M Carr
2008 September 17-18 Twila M Carr
2007 September 12-13 Twila M Carr

Tutorial wik User Manual: wik and PDF Formats

Also see Architecture and : Features (complete with Demo Video Gallery) for more information.

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